Ambika is with Isana Systems as Chief Advisor for PranaCare

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I am very pleased to announce my association with Isana Systems as Chief Advisor for PranaCare, a digital lifestyle management platform. PranaCare provides 360º view of a patient’s profile covering medical history, pathology reports, diet, workout and lifestyle. PranaCare helps wellness experts like Dietitians, Diabetologists, Pathologists, Gynaecologists, Cardiologists, Gymnasiums to fully digitize their business, provide comprehensive trends for crucial health parameters and significantly reduce manual work.

I am excited to begin this journey to bridge the gap between Dietetic world and modern technology.

Check out PranaCare YouTube channel for more details:

Thank and regards,

Mrs. Ambika Nair, M.Sc, RD, CDE

Director, My Nutritional Needs,

Senior Clinical Nutritionist, Jupiter Hospital, Pune

Co Convenor (VP), IDA Pune Chapter (2019-2022)

RD Representative, IDA, Pune Chapter (2019-2022)

Certified NLP Coach, REBT, EFT, BFT Therapist,

Mob: 9970011731


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Role of Protein in Nutrition

1st Panel Advisory board meeting by HORLICKS Protein Plus

On 31 May, Ambika Nair attended the first Panel Advisory board meeting conducted by HORLICKS Protein Plus in Sheraton Grand, Pune.

The program had a panel of 10-12 Doctors of various specialisations, representing various Hospitals in Pune and Ambika Nair, from Jupiter Hospital, to represent Clinical Nutritionist from Pune, as a Panel advisor for Nutrition.

The session was about the Role of Protein in Nutrition – and was delivered by Dr Jeethan Bendoor, from Mumbai. Dr Jeethan highlighted the role of High BV proteins, in anti-ageing, for longevity, and in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), etc.

The panel also discussed about how Medical practitioners need to update their knowledge in Nutrition, and why referrals to Nutritionist is important for speedy recovery of patients.

The entire session was highly interactive as the Doctors from Radiation Oncology, Gynaecologist, Intensivist, Diabetologist, General Physicians, came up with several queries related to protein supplements, Micronutrients deficiency, Pre natal and Post natal Nutrition etc.

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Mrs. Ambika Nair is now Panel Advisor

Mrs. Ambika Nair is now Panel Advisor @ HORLICKS


Mrs. Ambika Nair has been selected as Panel Advisor by HORLICKS (Glaxo Smithkline) in the launch of HORLICKS PROTEIN PLUS – NO ADDED SUGAR – Supplement.

The representative from GSK wished Mrs. Ambika Nair, with a special cake imprinted with the supplement, and celebrated the occasion, along with the OPD and Health Check staff of Jupiter Hospital, Pune, where Mrs Nair practices as a Consultant.

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Positioning of Soluble Dietary Fibre in Clinical Practice

The first Sakhi Round Table Meet was conducted by Nucgnex Lifesciences Pvt Ltd – on 27 April 2019 at Hotel Noorya Hometel, Chinchwad, Pune.


Ms. Ambika Nair was invited as the Keynote speaker on

“Positioning of Soluble Dietary Fibre in Clinical Practice


All the Chief Dietitians of PCMC Hospital were invited to discuss and interact about the role of Soluble Fibres such as Inulin, PHGG, Resistant Maltodextrin, Psylium, FOS etc.

The session was a thoroughly academic and research oriented one.



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Essential to educate people on quality of food consumed

News coverage by The Indian Express newspaper of talk given by Ambika Nair during Skyroot’s event – ‘Balance Diet for Healthy Life



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Women’s day – 8 March 2019

Highlights of the Event:
“Women’s day – 8 March 2019” 
@ Jupiter Hospital, Baner.

Maintaining healthy nutrition habits has always been a concern for working women. The women of today are into multitasking between home and work place.

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Ambika Nair enlightened all the working women of Jupiter on Healthy eating habits, to prevent any lifestyle diseases and pass every stage of womanhood in a healthy way.

Some pointers from the session:
1. Who is a healthy woman? 
Health of a woman is complete if they are intellectually, socially, physically, occupationally, environmentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

2. Plan, Prepare and Execute 
Plan, Prepare and Execute – Three steps for working women.

3. Follow special day’s diets
Follow special day’s diets – during PMS, Peri menopausal and Post-menopausal stages.

4. Manage stress
Manage stress by including fresh fruits, anti-oxidants, nuts, soya etc. in diet

5. Balance diet.
Balance hormones, enhance detoxification, strive for balance, calm the mind, adequate water, exercise, meditate, reduce caffeine and alcohol, use functional foods, and follow realistic weight loss strategies – to keep fit.

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“Life after Cancer”

Highlights of Event on Feb 7:



A program was arranged by Cancer Department of Jupiter Hospital on Feb 7, by Dr Pranjali and team.

Theme was “Life after Cancer”.

There were a panel of oncologists, counsellor and Senior Medical Nutrionist Ambika Nair, who answered all the questions related to Cancer therapy.

The program was well attended.

As quoted by Dr Pranjali in her Dr Pranjali Gadgil‘s breast cancer page –

Our “Life after Cancer” session at Jupiter Hospital was a lot of fun. We were overwhelmed by the number of patients and families who participated in the session. The panel of oncologists answered a lot of questions ranging from “Is this WhatsApp forward correct?” to “Should I get genetic testing?”

We realise that the community wants more from their doctors – “Why is there not as much research done on Indian patients?” “Why are the best websites foreign websites?”

It was great to learn from patients sharing their own stories and strategies for stress management. A lot of informal chit-chat happened with tea and snacks and it was great to catch up with old patients and friends.

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