How to cope with festive eating or over–eating at parties?

With Festive and Diwali seasons – food becomes a social aspect. There is a marked increase in consumption of fried foods, sweets and lack of physical activity. If unchecked at right time this over consumption can be bad for your health. Heavy food strains the body and overwork organs. Primarily liver and intestines are mostly affected.

How to cope with festive eating or over–eating at parties?

How to cope with festive eating or over–eating at parties? (Photo Curtsy – Facebook)

It really becomes necessary to take care of your overloaded system. Detox plan once a week will get your body back on rails. Detoxification means flushing out toxins which are accumulated by excessive consumption of empty calories (Sugar/ Sugary drinks/Alcohols etc) or overindulgence in rich food. Right kind of food, drink and herbs can cleanse and strength the vital organs that come under attack during this season.

In a detox programme, the idea is not to deprive your body of any particular nutrient, which most crash diets advocate. You have to follow a healthy regimen.

How do you detox?

  • Start the day with milk or yoghurt along with fresh fruit and any one cereal such as oats. Have five almonds for extra benefit.
  •  Your lunch can comprise chapattis and boiled or sautéed vegetables with salad.
  •  Dinner should be lighter with a bowl of soup and another vegetable with either a slice of toast or a chapati.
  •  And every time you feel hungry, just munch on fruit instead of snacking. Double your water intake.
  • Green foods: make it at least 2 servings per day. Wheat grass, spinach coriander, broccoli, fenugreek leaves are good cleanser, Best is to eat raw.
  • Vitamin C and E – Oranges, berries, amla, and wheat grass. These protect liver from potentially damaging free radicals.
  • Say No to refined cereals (Maida and bakery products). Non- vegetarian (red meat), alcohol, tea and coffee.
  • Raw food diet – Eating the way nature intended unrefined, pure simple raw fruits and vegetables.

 Detox plan once a week will get your body back on rails

SAMPLE DETOX REGIME FOR THE DAY:                                            

Breakfast- Milk + Cereal – 1 serving + 5 almonds

Mid-morning – Fresh Fruit juice/ Buttermilk.

Lunch- Boiled vegetables + Dry phulka+ sautéed vegetables.

Tea- Milk + Fruits / Fresh Fruit juice.

Dinner- Vegetable soup + Dry brown bread/ Bhakri/ Phulka

  • Oil- 1 tsp/day,
  • Sugar- 1 tsp/day
  • Water- double the daily intake –
  •  4 lts/day.


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