Thyroid cases on the rise

Article published in Indian Express Daily

Hypothyroidism is a condition wherein a thyroid gland produces insufficient amount of hormone, which is a cause for concern. There has been an increase in the number of thyroid cases over the past few years, said endocrinologist and diabetologist Dr Uday Phadke while addressing the gathering at Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme held at Ruby Hall auditorium on Thursday.

The event was organised by Indian Dietetic Association and Slim Asia, a healthy meal replacement programme.

Dieticians from hospitals, fitness centres and clinics across the city attended the session where the panel covered different aspects of hypothyroidism and obesity.

“Aware of the fact that thyroid has a complex relation with metabolism and body weight, it is extremely important for patients to keep a regular tab on their diet and lifestyle,” added Phadke.

Hypothyroidism lowers the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is basically the number of calories your body burns at rest to maintain normal body functions. However, the extent to which BMR causes weight gain depends on the severity of hypothyroidism.

Phadke cautioned patients and doctors against attributing all the weight gain to thyroid status, especially if the tests show just a borderline deficiency.

He said a person who has achieved a normal thyroid status on treatment has the same propensity to lose or gain weight as a normal person. It is extremely important to incorporate caloric restriction and exercise in lifestyle if weight loss is to be achieved.

Anil Sahashrabuddhe, COO, Slim Asia, Dr Geeta Dharmatti, president, IDA, Pune chapter, Ambika Nair, consultant nutritionist and general secretary, Indian Dietetic Association, Pune chapter, also spoke on the occasion.

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