Know how to understand use the Nutrition Facts label

Nutrition Facts label

Nutrition Facts label

  • Serving size– If you eat 2 servings of the food, you are eating double the calories and getting twice the amount of nutrients, both good and bad.
  • Amount of calories– the calories listed are for 1 serving of the food. Remember- the product that’s fat free isn’t necessarily calorie free. Read the label.
  • Limit these nutrients– total fat, sat fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium.
  • Get enough of these nutrients– vit A, vit C, Ca, potassium, dietary fiber.
  • Percent Daily values– % DV is a general guide to help you link nutrients in 1 serving to their contribution to their total daily diet. If it has 5% DV or less, it is low in that nutrient.  Daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. If it has 20% DV or more, it is high in that nutrient.
  • Trans-fat– If there is anything other than 0 grams listed, then the food contains trans-fat.

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