“Life after Cancer”

Highlights of Event on Feb 7:



A program was arranged by Cancer Department of Jupiter Hospital on Feb 7, by Dr Pranjali and team.

Theme was “Life after Cancer”.

There were a panel of oncologists, counsellor and Senior Medical Nutrionist Ambika Nair, who answered all the questions related to Cancer therapy.

The program was well attended.

As quoted by Dr Pranjali in her Dr Pranjali Gadgil‘s breast cancer page –

Our “Life after Cancer” session at Jupiter Hospital was a lot of fun. We were overwhelmed by the number of patients and families who participated in the session. The panel of oncologists answered a lot of questions ranging from “Is this WhatsApp forward correct?” to “Should I get genetic testing?”

We realise that the community wants more from their doctors – “Why is there not as much research done on Indian patients?” “Why are the best websites foreign websites?”

It was great to learn from patients sharing their own stories and strategies for stress management. A lot of informal chit-chat happened with tea and snacks and it was great to catch up with old patients and friends.

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