Role of Protein in Nutrition

1st Panel Advisory board meeting by HORLICKS Protein Plus

On 31 May, Ambika Nair attended the first Panel Advisory board meeting conducted by HORLICKS Protein Plus in Sheraton Grand, Pune.

The program had a panel of 10-12 Doctors of various specialisations, representing various Hospitals in Pune and Ambika Nair, from Jupiter Hospital, to represent Clinical Nutritionist from Pune, as a Panel advisor for Nutrition.

The session was about the Role of Protein in Nutrition – and was delivered by Dr Jeethan Bendoor, from Mumbai. Dr Jeethan highlighted the role of High BV proteins, in anti-ageing, for longevity, and in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), etc.

The panel also discussed about how Medical practitioners need to update their knowledge in Nutrition, and why referrals to Nutritionist is important for speedy recovery of patients.

The entire session was highly interactive as the Doctors from Radiation Oncology, Gynaecologist, Intensivist, Diabetologist, General Physicians, came up with several queries related to protein supplements, Micronutrients deficiency, Pre natal and Post natal Nutrition etc.

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