Before – After Success Story

“My cute client, Ashika sent me this picture on the event of Mother’s Day as my gift! She lost 15 Kgs in 6 months and still going after 6 months too!”
– Ambika Nair
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-06 at 10.50.12 AM
Here is her feedback in her own words:
“Mrs. Ambika’s diet plans are very helpful for my weight loss as they include all types of nutritious food which is essential for a well-balanced diet and also for weight loss. They aren’t too hard to follow and you also never feel too hungry and there is something healthy to snack on between meals as well. I started with 79 kgs when I first visited the clinic and now I’m down to 64 and still going!”
– Ashika
Every individual is different hence their body composition too. So, you need diet and nutrition plan specifically tailor-made as per your needs. My Nutritional Needs has 24+ years of experience in this domain. For tailor-made plan for weight gain / loss in pure scientific way, without struggling to achieve it, meet Mrs. Ambika Nair, director, My Nutritional Needs.
To book an appointment with Ambika, please contact:
Mobile: +91 90112 56500
For more details, visit our website

About mynutritionalneeds

My Nutritional Needs understands your nutrition needs from a holistic perspective & provide solutions accordingly. Our qualified experts - with their expertise & experience - devise the best suited solutions to all your nutritional needs.
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